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Custom Dental Night Guards in Russell, ON

Bright Dental Centre offers customized night guards for patients experiencing pain and discomfort from nighttime teeth grinding. If you have experienced disturbances in your sleep, pain in your jaw or ears, or headaches, a dentist-made night guard can provide protection and relief. Talk to your dental team at Bright Dental Centre about ordering a customized night guard made professionally in a dental lab.

Protecting Your Teeth Day and Night

Although it’s not always clear why, many people suffer from a condition called Bruxism, which causes the jaw to become overactive at night. Bruxism can lead to nighttime grinding of the teeth, which causes damage, facial pain, and sleep disturbances (and, in some cases, daytime grinding).

Night guards offer a thin barrier that prevents the teeth from rubbing together, reducing friction and preventing injury to the teeth and jaw.

Less Grinding, More Grip

Over the counter night guards are often a short-term solution to prevent teeth grinding. However, many patients find that wearing them for an entire night can be uncomfortable. Over the counter options (such as “boil and bite” night guards) tend to be made of bulky plastic that makes the lips protrude and impedes breathing. They may also become dislodged more easily, especially as they lose their shape.

Customized night guards made in a dental laboratory and fit to the contours of your teeth are easier to wear and stay secure to your teeth throughout the night. Plus, you get added durability from the professional dental materials used in their manufacturing.

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At Bright Dental Centre, your dental and overall health is our top priority. We can help you protect your teeth and get the rest you deserve with dental appliances that are easy to wear. Book an appointment to learn more and have your digital teeth impressions taken.

Custom Dental Retainers in
Russell, ON

After months or years of striving to achieve a perfectly straight smile, the last thing you want is for your teeth to shift back out of place. Custom retainers provide the support your teeth need to stabilize in their new positions. Bright Dental Centre can help you protect the achievements you’ve made toward your oral health and appearance with dentist-made retainers.

Bringing Added Comfort to Your Dental Experience

For some people, the idea of wearing a retainer after months of wearing corrective orthodontic devices can be daunting. Thankfully, bulky retainers are relics of the past. New materials, techniques, technologies, and imaging tools have made retainers more comfortable and convenient. This helps our patients wear their retainers for more hours in a day to achieve better overall results. In the end, a comfortable retainer means less time spent wearing one overall.

Durable Retainers

Replacing dental devices like retainers can be costly and inconvenient. Bright Dental Centre offers retainers built for long-term durability, even with heavy wear. The latest technology in retainers allows us to balance durability with comfort, offering a thinner retainer that lasts longer.

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If you are entering the last stage of your orthodontic treatment, reach out to Bright Dental Centre to book an appointment for a retainer fitting. Our non-invasive digital impression technology can help get you into a snug-fitting retainer that you’ll hardly even notice you’re wearing!

Custom Dental Sports Mouth Guards in Russell, ON

Sports injuries often result in emergency dentistry services, which can be costly and extensive. Many athletes choose to prevent dental injuries and protect their teeth and mouth by wearing dentist-designed sports mouth guards. Bright Dental Centre provides custom-fit, comfortable sports mouth guards that won’t get in the way of the game.

Comfortable and Effective Dental Protection for Athletes

Mouth guards are thin plastic shields that fit over the teeth to provide a barrier between the arches. They can prevent a number of injuries to the teeth, jaw, and head.

Although sports mouth guards can be purchased over the counter (often known as “boil and bite” mouthguards), we recommend fully customized mouth guards for athletes of all levels and sports. A higher level of customization leads to easier breathing, better protection, greater durability, and a more comfortable and secure fit.

Play Harder, Land Softer

Did you know that sports mouth guards don’t only protect your teeth and mouth, but also your jaw, head, and brain? In fact, they can prevent concussions that result from impact to the lower jaw by absorbing the impact. This means you can stay in the game and recover quickly from blows of all types.

Sports mouth guards are highly recommended for athletes involved in high contact sports or sports that may result in falls or fly-away equipment, such as basketball, hockey, baseball, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, or gymnastics.

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If you’re interested in dentist-made mouth guards for sports or you’re tired of wearing a bulky, loose mouth guard, book a consultation with our experienced dentists or ask for more information during your next dental exam or appointment. Our dentists will be happy to help you take the next steps in protecting your oral health.


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