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Sedation Dentistry in Russell, ON

Sedation Dentistry Near You in Russell, ON

We hope to make every visit to our dental office as pleasant and relaxed as possible. Some patients experience fear and anxiety during their appointments, which is a common reaction, but one that can prevent people from seeking dental treatments when they need them. Bright Dental Centre is pleased to offer sedation dentistry as an option for our patients.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous oxide (also known commonly as laughing gas) is the most common solution for patients who experience fear or anxiety during dental procedures. In nitrous oxide sedation, the sedative is delivered via a mask that releases a colourless and odourless nitrous oxide gas combined with oxygen. The delivery is carefully monitored and adjusted by the attending dentist.

You may experience mild amnesia after your procedure and will likely feel slightly sleepy. However, nitrous oxide is a conscious sedation technique, which means most patients remain awake and responsive but relaxed. The effect of the gas is reversible, which means patients will quickly return to their normal level of consciousness and are able to drive themselves home.

Nitrous oxide can also be used for children, including if the child is unable to sit still during a dental treatment.

Accessible Dental Care for All Patients

Bright Dental Centre is committed to making oral health more accessible to the members of our community. If you would like to discuss sedation dentistry for your next visit, please reach out to us directly to learn more.


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