iTero Scanner in Russell, ON

iTero Scanner Technology Near You in Russell, ON

 Bright Dental Centre understands the important role technology plays in today’s dental practices. We use advanced imaging tools to improve our patient experience and deliver thorough and precise dental care. The iTero scanner allows us to produce vivid, full-colour 3D images of your mouth. To learn more and see how the tool works for yourself, book your next appointment or dental exam at Bright Dental Centre today.

Comfortable and Detailed Intraoral Scans

Seeing and understanding the full picture of your mouth can be difficult for dentists to do from their place above the dental chair. The iTero scanner is a digital imaging tool that provides a full and bright inside view of the mouth. It’s a tool that is often used to diagnose oral abnormalities and plan for dental treatments. It can also help our patients understand the full picture of their oral health, including how and why a specific treatment plan will work.

The non-invasive wand scans the mouth quickly and puts together a three-dimensional image of the mouth and gums. The image can then be viewed, rotated, and manipulated on a screen.

Invisalign Technology

Patients who have requested Invisalign clear aligners from Bright Dental Centre will have their mouths scanned using the iTero scanner. The scanner was developed by Align Technology, the same company that makes Invisalign. It helps with the delivery of Invisalign treatment by providing detailed images of the mouth for planning and assessing treatment progress.

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